Spring Assessment and Revival Project (SARP)

Institute of Forestry (IOF) with the support of WWF is conducting spring assessment and interventions works to improve the recharging capacity of selected Springshed with active involvement of community in the watersheds of lake cluster of Pokhara Valley. Lake Cluster of Pokhara Valley (LCPV) is lies in Kaski district, it included 9 lakes (Phewa, Kamalpokharai, Begans, Rupa, Gunde, Khaste, Neureni, Dipang, Maidi) and has 261.6 km2 basin area and 9.13 km2 of water surface area. LCPV area is declare as 10th Ramsar site of Nepal (2245 world) in 2nd feb 2016 and is important for biodiversity conservation, maintain land productivity, environmental regulation and to provide numerous goods and services.

The Hariyo Ban II Program funded by USAID and implemented by WWF, CARE, NTNC and FECOFUN with WWF as the lead, aims to reduce the adverse impacts of climate change and threats to biodiversity in Nepal. The program is implemented in Chitwan-Annapurna Landscape and Terai Arc Landscape with the goal to increased ecological and community resilience.  Recently Hariyo Ban has prepared Integrated Lake Basin Management Plan for Lake Cluster of Pokhara Valley (LCPV), it has identified depilation of spring sources is one of the major issue negatively impacting on both quantity and quality of the lake. Drying of Spring Sources in the mountain catchment not only impact wetland ecology but also adversely affect livelihoods of local communities depended on the spring water sources. As such this project is implemented by IOF for spring source mapping of LCPV areas and conduct revival measures in two selected critical springshed.

Spring Mapping




Name of Project:Reviving Spring Sources in the Watersheds of Lake Cluster of Pokhara Valley with Institute of Forestry

Project Starting Date:April 05, 2018

Project Ending Date: April 30, 2019

Project Management Committee (PMC):

·         Prof. Krishna Raj Tiwari, PhD, Dean -Chairman

·         Prof. Santosh Rayamajhi, PhD, Research Director-Member

·         Prof. Binod Pd. Heyojoo, Subject Committee Chairman-Member

·         Asst. Prof. Rajan Subedi, Project Coordinator

·         Deputy Finance Controller, Maheshwor Man Sherestha-Memeber

Project Activities:

·         Spring Survey for spring mapping

·         Create baseline information related to springs  

·         Isotope analysis to identify the recharge zone for two selected critical spring sources

·         Spring Revival Measures on selected critical Springshed

For Further Details Please Contact:

Rajan Subedi

Assistant Professor (Watershed Management)

Project Coordinator

Email: rsubedi@iofpc.edu.np

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