Community based natural forest management in the Himalaya (ComForM)

Project Name : Community based natural forest management in the Himalaya (ComForM)

Duration : 3 phases , 11 years (Sep 2003 – Sep 2014)

Project Goal: Improve forest and natural resource management based on local participation in Nepal. Objectives are to establish long-term applied biophysical, socio-economic and institutional research & build research capacity

Major Activities: Long term study of people-forest interactions, climate change (adaptation) and livelihood;  Strategic studies on nationally important forestry issues; Short-term studies of high academic quality; Action research on locally relevant forestry-related topics; PhD studies in project’s theme

Funded by: Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA)

Budget:  DKK 8 million in each phase

Collaborators: IFRO-UoC, IOF-TU, DFRS-MFSC

IOF Coordinator: Dr. SantoshRayamajhi(




ComForM Long-Term Research Data Base

Socio-economic household survey

  • Total income data for 836 HHs
  • Panel data (2006, 2009, 2012)
  • Labourallocation
  • Health
  • Governance

Biophysical survey

  • 241 permanent sample plots
  • Measured 2006, 2009, 2013
  • Spatial extraction (2012-13)
  • Farm trees (2009)
  • Herbs and shrubs (2007)
  • Dendrochronology(four species)

Institutional study

  • This gives contextual information to allow better interpretation of the long-term data sets
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